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About KMX Mobile Security Shredding
KMX Mobile Security Shredding
offers a complete line of "on-site" shredding services
to meet you're document destriction needs.

We will provide your company with daily,
weekly or monthly service for your
every document destruction need.

KMX Mobile Security Shredding Price Comparison

Scheduled Security Container Service:We provide daily, weekly, monthly, semi-quarterly and quarterly scheduled shredding service. Locking security containers are provided at no charge.

Annual Clean Out and Purge Service: Year end file clean-outs, move-ins, one time purges and more. We can shred documents directly from any container, bankers and file boxes.

Residential Shredding:
We provide residential shredding to most areas in the Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.

Document Storage: We offer a secure storage site, protected with maximum safety and security systems, designed to keep your records safe from theft, loss or damage. Your records are stored in cartons in our secure facilities to allow for prompt, accurate retrieval.

In addition to paper, we can shred most items such as x-rays,
floppy discs, CD's, microfiche, VHS tapes, credit cards, transparencies,
photographs, blueprints and more.

No need to remove paperclips, staples, binderclips or other fasteners.

We provide locked security containers at no charge provided you meet our minimum service call.
We currently provide two models; the executive and the standard

The Executive Container,
measuring 20" wide, 20" deep, and 40" high,
holding approximately 75 pounds.

The Standard 64 gallon Security Container
measures 42" high X 29" deep, and 22" wide
and holds up to 275 pounds.
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